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1) Q: How do we get started?

A: The best way to contact us is by calling or emailing the company.  From there we can make an arrangement for a free consultation to discuss exactly what kind of cabinetry work you would like to be done.

2) Q: I am interested in having my whole kitchen re-done. Who organizes other trades, plumbers, painters, electricians, etc to complete the other work needed?

A: We can offer a service for every trade associated to complete your job. However, if you have your own sub-trades, please feel free to use them.

3) Q: How do you obtain new clients?

A: A larger portion of our clients are sent to us by referrals by previous clients. Our hard work, timely manner, and exceptional detailed projects have them happy and willing to recommend us to their friends and family.

4) Q: Who designs the projects?

A: We design all our projects with you from start to finish including advice on suitable materials for each area of your home. If you have sketches or use of a designer we are happy to work with your requests.

5) Q: Do you make and supply only if we would like to do the installing ourselves?

A: Yes, we can supply cabinets pre-made to your liking ready for you to install.

6) Q: I am on a tight budget, but really need a renovation! Can you help?

A: Yes, we are able to work with every budget to provide you with quality, one of a kind, custom cabinets.

7) Q: I am interested in using granite or quartz countertops, will they be installed at the same time as the cabinets?

A: Most of the time, there will be a 3 week wait after the cabinets are installed. A template is required, and then time to produce the required pieces. There are some exceptions such as a small bathroom counter or counters with no seams.

8) Q: What materials can my cabinets be made out of?

A: We can accommodate any style that you wish to have. Popularly, we work with- melamine cabinet boxes, finished veneer cabinets, solid timber doors, thermo-foil doors, aluminum doors, and plastic laminate doors. Along with the different variety of cabinets comes a vast selection of countertops to suite your liking. For example, stainless steel, quartz, granite, marble, laminate, and solid wood.

9) Q: What are my options for cabinet hardware?

A: The options are endless. We use only the best quality items available. We can assist you when designing whether you want to go with popular, modern, traditional and functional options to suit your needs.

10) Q: Why should we pick Waygood’s Kitchens?

A: Waygood’s Kitchens…why not?


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